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Traditionally, we are familiar with concierge services within a hospitality environment when either on vacation or visiting a new city. A concierge, in the traditional sense, assists guests by performing various tasks from making restaurant reservations to coordinating porter services and tourist attractions. Here at RLC, our philosophy regarding lifestyle concierge services relays heavily on providing a personalized service designed for the needs of an individual who understands the liberties of convenience. These types of lifestyle concierge services are becoming popular with the everyday working professionals that may have daily priorities that may need balancing. A lifestyle concierge services can fit into your personal life, personal business, or small business settings.


Our lifestyle concierge expert specializes in areas of home care (scheduling technicians for repairs or contractors), special event coordinating, and personal administrative/ assistant services. Our services are an A-to-Z approach to simplifying your daily routine which will allow you more free time to focus on your family and personal needs. We pride ourselves on being the personal liaison and subject matter expert when it comes to maintaining the order of your daily accommodations. Our lifestyle concierge services are designed for your convenience and are available now.


Our styles of service are below, but not limited to the following:


Interior Design

Home Management

Organization + Staging

Gifting + Sourcing

Style Consultations

Personal Assistant Services

Event Management

Executive Concierge


RLC, is a brand that can stretch and fit the need of any variety of client. You may be a small business owner or a CEO’s of a large corporation that have noticed how your administrative staff is multitasking mundane tasks. These tasks can take away from the daily productivity of your staff and can be leveraged by a concierge service who would provide immediate convenience and include a personal liaison and subject matter expert when to comes to your daily operations. Our executive concierge services are a seamless benefit to the client and their staff because we incorporate your office protocol to the service we provide. The concierge specializes in personal administrative services which will focus on effective time management for client and staff. RLC has designed innovative packages that adapt to any unpredictable environment.


We provide office management support; specifically receptionist services, catering and set-up services, and business transaction services. Our concierges are experts in booking travel arrangements, coordinating corporate events such as holiday parties, or organizing high-level executive experiences. RLC is attuned to the needs of a dynamic business setting that requires specific personalization and professionalism. Our executive concierge services are designed for your convenience and are available now.


Our styles of service are below, but not limited to the following:


Travel + Destination Management

Reservation Placement

Transportation Services

Relocation Coordination

VIP Services

Home + Family Care

Administrative Services

Personal Assistant Services

Meetings + Conferences










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