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Our philosophy of the hospitality industry is essentially connected to serving people. In hospitality - a broad commercial segment that includes restaurants, hotels, cruise lines and more – the client represents the key component that enables a company to reach its goals. A strong service-based philosophy, consistently demonstrated by, service providers, guides hospitality personnel in their efforts to achieve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business success.


Giving the client what they want is just the beginning of a hospitality philosophy. Being in tune with the clients’ needs and expectations, and then providing service far beyond those requirements and assumptions, is critical. Here at RLC, we have reached a pinnacle in hospitality service, fine-tuning the process of discovering what our client’s need and want, and then providing more. RLC service philosophy dictates training its staff members to overcome any obstacles the client may perceive about the customer service/hospitality, as well as tapping into clients’ emotions to engender a happy experience.

My Biography




Rossi Cole is on a mission to specialize the concierge service for the discerning person who wishes to experience the exclusive VIP privileges. After transitioning to Chicago from St. Louis, Rossi continued to develop his leadership skills in the hotel industry. Trained as a hospitality professional, he has a unique 10-year background in front office operations, administrative and sales coordinating. He’s helped launch one of the most premier luxury boutique hotels in the heart of downtown Chicago. Served as the executive concierge at Grant Thornton an accounting firm located in the south loop of Chicago, he exceeds the expectation by providing a multitude of concierge and personal assistant services to some of the most prominent and affluent individuals. Experience the executive service and immediately realize the benefit of having an organized, dependable and knowledgeable expert and your fingertips.




Rossi L. Cole | Founder / Designer / Executive Concierge Advisor

Member, Chicago National Concierge Association




"Rossi what would I have done without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Diane Swonk, Chief Economist of Grant Thornton, LLP


"Thank you so very much for all that you did to make the wedding shower so lovely! All of your touches – the

décor, the food, and the yummy drinks – made for such a special day. You know how to make a bride-to-be

feel loved. Thank you so very much."

- Cori Breckenridge, Associate Director, Communications – Grant Thornton, LLP


"What a wonderful (and beautiful) surprise! Not only the magnificent earrings, but the amazing, wine, cheese

and fun party. You have quickly become a valuable member of the team and I treasure your friendship!"

- Marci Kaminsky, Chief Communications Office – Grant Thornton, LLP


"Thank you for helping ensure our BRG Leadership Forum ran smoothly and everything was setup and in

place on time. Without your help our meetings would not have been so successful. Thank you!"

- The office of Diversity & Inclusion – Grant Thornton, LLP


"Rossi Ross, thank you for the adorable baby girl gifts! Thanks also for helping to coordinate my work baby

shower. It’s been so great getting to know you and working with you. I look forward to returning after my

leave for more fun times!"

- Tara Jankowski, Associate Director, Communications – Grant Thornton, LLP



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